Installment Schedule Options detail the frequency a subscriber is invoiced or automatically charged for a subscription. When Enable Schedule is checked on the Subscription Plan, the subscriber will pay for the subscription in installments rather than all at once. The frequency and payment amount are driven by the Payment TermsSchedule Frequency, and Schedule Type. Subscription plans can link to Payment Terms to use for Invoice installment schedules.

  • If you apply an Installment Schedule on the Subscription Plan it will override the Schedule Frequency established on the Subscription Plan.

  • Automatic Payment schedule will not account for Deferred Revenue.

A Schedule Job (SchedulePaymentChargeBatchableScheduler) will need to be scheduled, which will process Scheduled Payments. This will only need to be done once in your system until the end date of the scheduled job has passed. Once the End Date of the Schedule Item has passed, a new Schedule Job will need to be created. See our Scheduled Jobs page for more information.

Configure Installment Options for a Subscription Plan:

Note: Scheduled Payments can be paid with credit card or eCheck.

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Plans tab and select an existing Subscription Plan you'd like to apply an Installment option for. The Subscription Plan's record will open.

  2. Click the Edit button. The Edit Subscription Plan modal will open.

  3. In the Installment Schedule Options section, check the Enable Schedule checkbox. When this field is checked, payment scheduling for subscriptions is ignored on the Sales Order.

  4. Select a Schedule Type option from the picklist to determine the type of payment being scheduled:

    1. Invoice: This invoices the subscriber for each installment. If Invoice is selected, the Sales Order is automatically converted to an Invoice. Revenue is booked to Accounts Receivable.

    2. Automatic Payment: This automatically charges the subscriber using a stored Payment Method. There is not an Accounts Receivable entry for the transactions. Automatic Payments should not be used with items that track Deferred Revenue as they will not create balanced transactions.

  5. Select your Schedule Frequency option from the picklist to determine the frequency the subscriber is invoiced or charged for their plan. Options include:  Daily, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. If the Schedule Frequency is set to Semi-Monthly, payments are due on the 1st and 15th of every month.

  6. In the Payment Terms field, select the Payment Term that determines the due date of the Invoice. This is required for all Subscription Plans with Enable Schedule checked and the Schedule Type set to Invoice. Confirm that the Payment Term selected is associated with the appropriate Business Group for the selected Subscription Plan record.

  7. For Termed and Calendar Type plans, the Number of Installments field will automatically calculate the number of installments based on the Start and End Date of the Subscription.

  8. Select your Bill Cycle option from the picklist to determine the day of the month the subscriber is invoiced/charged for their plan. The Bill Cycle applies to all Schedule Frequency options EXCEPT Daily, Weekly, and Semi-Monthly. Options include:

    • AUTO derives the day of month based on the Activation/Last Renewal Date.

    • FIRST uses the first day of the month.

    • LAST uses the last day of the month.

    • 15 sets the fifteenth day of the month.

    • CUSTOM allows a specific day to be set. If a Bill Cycle is set to CUSTOM, you must enter a value for the day of the month (1-28 Only) in the Bill Cycle Day field.

  9. Click Save. If Invoice was selected as the Schedule Type, Installments will get generated when an order moves to Checkout.