The following configuration is not applicable for Stripe Payment Gateways. Directions are available on Configuring A Stripe Payment Gateway With 3DS2.

Now that you’ve ensured your org is up-to-date and supports 3DS2, you can now create your payment gateway with 3DS2 enabled. We’ve made sure to cover every aspect of payment gateway creating with 3DS2 that you might require.

Enabling 3DS2 On A Payment Gateway:

  1. From your Business Group record, locate your Payment Gateways related list.

  2. Click New. The Payment Gateway configuration page will open.

  3. In the Payment Gateway Name field, enter a name that helps users to associate it with the gateway type.

  4. In the Business Group field, confirm that the auto-populated Business Group is correct. 

  5. In the Deposit Account field, select the Deposit Account listed for the Business Group.

  6. In the Gateway Type picklist, select a Gateway Type. Spreedly supports the following Payment Gateways for 3DS and 3DS2.

  7. Once a Gateway Type is selected, enter the login details for the required payment gateway fields. Each gateway type requires a different set of field values.

  8. Check Enable 3D Secure. This will enable 3DS2 for your payment gateway.

    1. Check any other available options you would like to include for your payment gateway. These options are described more in Configuring Test and Live Payment Gateways.

  9. Click Save & Close to create your live payment gateway.

Configure Stripe Payment Gateway:

If you utilize Stripe, you will want to create a Stripe payment gateway that enables 3DS2.

  1. On the payment gateway configuration page, provide your Payment Gateway Name, Business Group, and Deposit Account as suits you, but select Stripe Payment Intents as your Gateway Type. Do not select Stripe.

  2. You will need your API Key from Stripe. Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to your Stripe account.

  3. From your Stripe account, navigate to Developers > API Keys.

  4. Locate the Secret Key section and click Reveal test key.

  5. Copy the test key and return to the payment gateway configuration page in the other tab.

  6. Paste the test key into the API Key field.

  7. Check Require CVV.

  8. Check Enable 3D Secure to enabled 3DS2.

  9. Configure any other options for your payment gateway. When you’re ready, click Save & Close.

Test Payment Gateway With 3DS2 Enabled:

You can also create a test payment gateway with 3DS2 enabled in order to run tests and ensure your gateway is working properly with your eStore.

Complete steps 1 through 6 above. From there, check Enable 3D Secure to enable 3DS2. Click Connect to a Test Gateway to complete configuration of your test payment gateway.

Next Steps:

After configuring a payment gateway with 3DS2 enabled, you will need to create a Merchant Profile. This is an entity from Spreedly that helps process transactions using Spreedly’s 3DS2 solution and identify which merchant is requesting authentication. It will also automatically generate an SCA Provider Key, another entity from Spreedly that allows customers to make 3DS2 Authentication transactions and holds the credentials required for Spreedly to interact with a 3DS2 server. Learn the steps next on Create A Merchant Profile And SCA Provider Key.