Configure a Payment Page eCheck Tab

  1. Click Setup and navigate to Object Manager.

  2. Locate the Payment Gateway object and click the Payment Gateway link to access the object.

  3. Click the Buttons,  Links, and Actions page link.

  4. Click the Edit action link next to the Edit label. The Override page will open.

  5. Select Standard Page for Salesforce Classic Override.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. Select the Accounting app and click the Business Groups tab. 

  8. Select the Business Group for the associated Payment Gateway you wish to update. The Business Group record will open. 

  9. Locate the Payment Gateways related list on the Business Group's record and click the Edit link next to the gateway you wish to update. The Payment Gateway Edit page will open.

  10. Check the Supports eCheck field to make the eCheck tab appear on the payment page of the Store associated with the Payment Gateway.

  11. Click Save to apply your changes.

  12. When you have completed your updates, return to the Edit label in the Payment Gateway object. Click the Edit action link.

  13. Check No Override (use default) value for the Salesforce Classic Override section.

  14. Click Save to apply the changes.