Configure A Live Payment Gateway:

As a part of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PDS2) security requirements from the European Union, Fonteva has accommodated the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) by enabling 3DS2 (3D secure 2.0) as part of the previous Fonteva 20 Spring release. SCA requires that consumers authenticate with two of three categories: something you know (knowledge), something you possess (possession), or something you are (inherence). 3DS2, the next generation of 3D Secure (3DS), is a multi-factor authentication protocol used to confirm digital identity at checkout. It meets the authentication requirements for SCA.

The deadline for compliance with PDS2 is December 31st, 2020. This means that 3DS2 must be implemented by that date. Fonteva must be updated to at least 2019 R1 1.0.33 in order to implement 3DS2 and comply with SCA and PDS2. We encourage our customers to use the latest version of Fonteva.

More information on 3DS2 and meeting SCA requirements can be found on Meeting SCA Requirements With 3DS2.

If you have a Test Payment Gateway, you will want to delete it before using your live payment gateway to process payments.

  1. Navigate to the Business Group record that will be linked to the new Payment Gateway.

  2. Scroll down to the Payment Gateways related list and click New. The Payment Gateway configuration page will open.

  3. In the Payment Gateway Name field, enter a name that helps users to associate it with the Gateway type.

  4. In the Business Group field, confirm that the auto-populated Business Group is correct. 

  5. In the Deposit Account field, select the Deposit Account listed for the Business Group.

  6. In the Gateway Type picklist, select a Gateway Type.

  7. Once a Gateway Type is selected, enter the login details for the required payment gateway fields.

    Each gateway type requires a different set of field values. If unable to complete the requested information, make sure that the VisualForce page is active and not overridden.

  8. Optional configurations can be selected to add different settings to your Test Gateway. They are as follows:

    1. Supported Credit Cards Image: Click Browse to browse for a file on your machine or enter an image URL to display credit card icons on the community portal checkout page. This image should be 30px tall and up to 500px wide.

      There is a default image configured for all Gateways that displays an image with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express on the checkout page in the portal, but it will not display in the Supported Credit Card Images field. It can only be accessed by right-clicking the image form the Store's checkout page and selecting Open Image in New Tab. Any image that you upload in the Supported Credit Card Image field will override this default image - so long as the checkout page is a Lightning Events Checkout Page. Work is currently underway to resolve this issue for Visualforce Checkout Pages.

    2. Check the Require CVV (i.e., security code), Require Email and/or Require Phone checkboxes for gathering further information on the credit card holder.

    3. Check Enable 3D Secure to use 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2).

      Spreedly supports the following Payment Gateways for 3DS and 3DS2.

    4. Check Offsite to enable offsite payments (e.g., allowing users to pay with their Paypal accounts). When using Offsite with a live Gateway (supported only by Paypal and WePay,) the system will redirect to their payment pages directly for the customer to enter their payment information, then bring them back to the checkout process upon completion.

    5. AVS Configuration has the following options:

      • Validate Billing Address - Requires the user to populate the CityStateStreetZip, and Country fields.

      • Validate Postal Code - Requires the user to populate only the Zip field.

      • Disable AVS - The entire Billing Address section will not be visible in the New Payment Method modal.

  9. When finished, click the Save button in the top right corner. The Payment Gateways related list will populate with the newly created Payment Gateway. Make sure you also update your Store with the new payment gateway.

If your Business Group has multiple Payment Gateways, make sure the Default Payment Gateway field is populated with the correct Payment Gateway name. 


If Paypal (not to be confused with Payflow Pro) or WePay, Inc. is selected, the user will have the option to pay offsite through Paypal or WePay respectively. After paying offsite, the user will be redirected to the community portal checkout.

In order to purchase any sort of Item that has future Scheduled Payments, the System Administrator will need to contact Paypal directly and enable Reference Transactions.

If you are using Paypal or Direct Debits, you will need to set up a Custom Payment Type on the Store before the new payment tab will appear in the community portal.  Follow the steps on the Adding a Custom Payment Type page.

Next Steps:

If you have enabled 3DS2, you will need to set up a Merchant Profile and SCA Provider Key. Directions are available on the Merchant Profile and SCA Provider Key page. More information on 3DS2 and meeting SCA requirements can be found on Meeting SCA Requirements With 3DS2.

If you need to configure an eCheck tab for payment, directions are available here.