The Company Orders menu item is only visible for users who have permission to access it. Staff users will need to provide Access Permissions to grant access to this menu item. Without this permission set, this menu item will not display.

Company Orders provides access to orders, invoices, and proforma invoices where the Account is the purchasing entity as opposed to the Contact. Like on the Orders menu item, users can create Order Summaries, download financial documents as PDFs, and quickly pay sales orders, invoices, and proforma invoices.

PDF documents generated from Company Orders get saved to the Files object. Users can also access these PDFs from the relevant Sales Order/Invoice/Proforma Invoice/Credit Note/Receipt record(s).

You can search for specific orders using the Search field. Type your search terms in the Search field. Relevant results will generate in the table.Orders and invoices (including proforma invoices) display in the table. You can choose to filter by Open Orders or All Orders.

You can also filter by date range. Click the Date Range field to open a date range modal. Select your desired date range in the From and To calendars. Click Apply to apply this date range. Results from within your date range will generate in the table.

Quick Pay Components:

Three Quick Pay components are available to provide a high-level look at balances due and provide an option to quickly pay balances.

  • Past Due displays the total past due balance from the combined orders in the table.

  • Upcoming Order displays the order or invoice number of the latest upcoming order and its balance due.

  • Open Orders displays the total balance due for all open orders.

All three of these components provide Pay Now links to pay the listed balance due. Click Pay Now to navigate to the checkout page to complete payment.

The data in these components will change depending on the filters in use in the table.

Pay Orders, Invoices, Proformas from Table:

You can pay sales orders, invoices, and proforma invoices all in one go.

Check the box for any orders in the table that you want to apply payment to. The Pay button will become available.

Click Pay. The checkout page will open for you to complete payment for all selected orders.

Download an Order Summary:

The Order View page does not honor the Invoice and Receipt Page Override field designations from the Business Group record. They will not navigate to the URLs designated in those fields.

You can download an Order Summary from an order or orders (invoice, sales order, credit note, receipt, refund). The Order Summary generates PDF Financial Documents that you can download or print.

  1. Select the order(s) from the table you want to download. 

  2. Click the 

    button. The Statement Information modal will open.

  3. Type your Contact or Account's address in the Address To field.

  4. If the Memo field is included in Financial Documents, you can type a memo in the Memo field.

  5. If there are credits involved in the order, their combined total will display in the Total Credits field. If you would like to display any outstanding credits in the summary, check Display Outstanding Credits.

  6. Click Create. A PDF copy of the order's combined Financial Documents will open in a new tab. You can download or print the PDF from here. This will also generate an Order Summary record where you can access the PDF(s) at will.

Pay Invoices:

When you pay invoices, you will encounter an Invoice Payment section on the Checkout page.

In this section, you can choose to pay the Current Balance Due (for installments), the Total Balance Due, or a Custom Amount.

If you selected Custom Amount, a field will open for you to type your custom amount to pay.

If there are multiple items in your invoice, you'll see a breakdown of those items in your invoice in a table, including their Subtotal, Shipping, Tax, Total, Balance Due, and Payment for those items.

If the correct permissions have been enabled on the Store, your users can enter the amount they want to pay on each individual item.

If you are paying multiple invoices, each individual invoice will display in order of priority. You will have to indicate your choice of payment for each invoice.The Order Summary modal will adjust depending on your choice, calculating a Balance Due on the invoice based on the amount being paid.

Select what you want to pay and click Continue to move on to choosing your payment method.

Note: When multiple orders are paid at once, be aware that the receipt record in Salesforce will not generate a lookup to the original sales orders. Instead, the receipt lines for the receipt have lookups to the original sales order lines.

Order View Drawer:

The Order View Drawer does not honor the Invoice and Receipt Page Override field designations from the Business Group record. They will not navigate to the URLs designated in those fields.

You can also generate an Order Summary from the Order View Drawer.

In the Drawer, you can create a sharable link to the Order Summary, download the Order Summary, or view PDF copies of any financial documents included. The following financial documents can be viewed and accessed as PDFs:

  • Sales Orders

  • Invoices

  • Credit Notes

  • Receipts

  • Refunds

  1. To generate an Order Summary, first check the box for the orders listed in the table that you want to include. You can select one or multiple.

  2. Click the eye button. The Order View Drawer will open. You can also click the arrow button (

    ) at the end of the order row.

  3. The Drawer generates a summary of the checked order(s). The total balance due displays in the header along with the user's information from their profile (address, phone number, email address).

  4. Links to download the order summary or generate a link to it are also located in the header.

    1. Click the chain icon to generate a link that will copy to your clipboard.

    2. Click the download icon to download a pdf copy of the order summary. A new tab will open to download the order summary.

The summary is broken down into the different financial documents that are a part of the order(s). You can view a preview of any of the documents. Click the down arrow to open a preview of the financial document. Click the arrow again to close the preview.

You can pay your selected order(s) from the Order Summary Drawer. Click Pay Now at the bottom of the Drawer. The checkout page will open for you to complete payment for the selected order(s).