Your customers will utilize the Community Portal to buy your products from the Store, register for events under Events Listings, participate in Groups, and manage memberships, payment information, and other personal information from the Profile page. This section will provide a walkthrough of these four different areas available to your customers in the Community Portal. Please read through to understand your customers' experience and the correct workflows for the Community Portal.


You will navigate to the Store, Events, Groups, and Profiles pages through the links in the menu bar.

Select Language:

If languages have been configured for your Community Portal, you are able to select which language the Community Portal displays in from the language picker.

The language picker will display the abbreviation of whatever language Community Portal content is currently translated to. Click the language picker and select your desired language from the list of available languages. The Community Portal will refresh and display its content translated to your selected language.

Please visit Multilingual Community Portals for information on enabling translations.