For Multi-Currency enabled orgs: You will be unable to change the currency from the Checkout page. Please exit the Checkout page to change your currency.

If you change your currency while items are in your Shopping Cart, you will receive a warning that your cart will be emptied. If you confirm the change, your cart will be emptied and your currency will change.

In order for browsers to increase security, they have become more strict on what actions are permitted when a user is detected leaving a page. This prevents providing a custom message or performing an asynchronous action when the user leaves the page. It also means Fonteva can no longer delete Sales Orders when a user navigates away from the page. Fonteva continues to look into ways to replace or replicate this functionality, but in the meantime customers will see “abandoned” Sales Orders in their orgs.

If a customer is not logged in when they attempt to check out, they will be presented with the option to log in at Checkout. Registered portal users will click Login to log in.

Login at Checkout:

If Guest Checkout is enabled, non-registered customers will have the option to check out as guests. To comply with GDPR, unauthenticated (guest) users will not have any Known Addresses or payment methods saved to their profiles upon checkout.

  1. Type your first and last name in the First and Last Name fields.

  2. Type your email address in the Email field.

  3. Click Continue as Guest to continue to checkout.

    If enabled, non-registered users can create an account.

  4. Type your first and last name in the First and Last Name fields.

  5. Type your email in the Email field.

  6. Type a username in the Username field.

  7. Type a new password in the Password field.

  8. Click Create Account to create your new account.

Account Captcha:

If Captcha has been enabled, Captcha will be presented as a final step for Guest Checkout and Account Creation. Fulfill the Captcha requirements to complete login or account creation.

Checkout Page:

You will enter your Shipping /Tax Address and Payment Method on the Checkout page. The Checkout page will also display the Order Summary and an overview of the Shopping Cart's contents.

The Order Summary will display the total number of items in the Shopping Cart, the price of the combined items, any shipping price, any tax price, and the total combined price as the Order Total. If you have a discount code you want to apply, type the code into the Discount Code field and click Apply.

The Shopping Cart will display every item you are purchasing along with any attributes associated with the items and their quantities.

Shipping and Tax Address:

If you need to edit an address, you can click the Edit link beside a Known Address. If you need to create a new address, click + New Address. These processes are the same as creating or editing a Known Address.

 Billing Options

Saved Payment Method:

Selecting a Saved Payment Method for billing will automatically provide the Billing Address associated with the payment method. To modify the Billing Address associated with the payment method, you will need to edit the payment method in the Payment Methods section of your Profile.

Credit Card:

  1. Select Credit Card to create a new credit card payment method.

  2. Type the Card Holder Name.

  3. Type the Card Number.

  4. Type the card's CVV.

  5. Select the Expiration Month and Year.

  6. If desired, check Would you like to save this payment method for future use? to save this payment method.

You can add a new Billing Address or edit a Known Address when creating a new credit card payment method on checkout. This will follow the same directions for creating and editing Billing Addresses in Payment Methods on the Profile Page.

Free Subscription With Required Auto-Renew - Checkout:

When purchasing a free Subscription that is required to renew automatically into a paid Subscription, a saved Payment Method is required for checkout. This saved Payment Method will be charged upon auto-renewal into the paid Subscription. 

The following payment methods are unavailable in this instance since the payment method needs to be saved for the future:

  • Offline

  • Invoice Me

  • eCheck

Complete Order:

When you are satisfied with your order, click Process Payment in the Choose a Payment Method section. The payment will process, and upon successful completion, a checkout confirmation message will appear.