After creating a new event, the Event Builder interface opens where a staff user can configure and set up the event.

  1. Status: By default, the event status is listed as Planned, because when the event is first created it is still in the planning stage. When the Status button is clicked, all other status options display.
  2. Edit in Salesforce: Switches to the Salesforce view to edit the event. 


    Can also be used to Cancel out of the event without saving changes.

  3. Save button: Click Save to save your progress in Event Builder. 


    Some Event Builder options require the that Save button is clicked in order to configure or display the feature.

  4. Save Arrow: Click the Arrow drop-down to see the Save and Exit option.
  5. Preview Area: This area displays a preview of the Event configurations as they are setup in the Event Builder window. 


    Before settings are applied, the preview shown is fairly blank.

  6. Leftnav: Contains the different event tabs that are used to setup the Event. All of the tabs displayed here are available in Lightning Events.
  7. Refresh: Used to refresh the preview as configurations are made.
  8. Preview In: Used to see which Site this event will publish to and how it looks in the Preview Area.


    The Site can be changed by clicking the button and selecting a different site if available.