Directions for Entering Receipts have been archived. They are now available here in the Fonteva Archives. Please be aware that Receipt Batch Entry will be deprecated as of the 21Spring release, and the functionality will no longer be supported.

What Is Batch Processing?

Batch processing (batching) is grouping payments in order to process transactions together. While batch processing can be carried out at any time, it is particularly suited to end-of-cycle processing, such as processing a bank's reports at the end of a day. As batches enter the bank, they are reconciled with what is recorded on the bank statement and what is recorded in the organization's system. The Accounting system allows the grouping of payments directly into a batch, as well as the creation of Receipts for a batch at the time of payment.

The Batch Process Consists of:

  • Creating a Batch
  • Closing a Batch
  • Posting a Batch