Badges can be automatically assigned and/or unassigned to both Accounts and Contacts based on Badge Workflows.

When a Sales Order is posted, the system will check all related items. If any of the related items have a Badge Workflow, the system will automatically assign a Badge depending on the Type of Badge Workflow.

If assigned to an Account, all Contacts under that Account will automatically be assigned a Badge. In turn, you will see the following records created on the corresponding Contact(s) record: 

  • An active Badge record

  • An active item record that has the appropriate Badge Type assigned to it

Create a Badge Workflow:

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and select the Item that you would like to create a Badge Workflow for.

  2. From the Item record, Scroll Down to the Badge Workflow related list. If you would prefer to initiate Badge Workflow creation from the Badge Type record, you will need to adjust the layout to the Badge Workflow related list in the Badge Type record to add the New Badge Workflow button. Contact your system admin about changing your layout.

  3. Click the New button. The New Badge Workflow modal will open.

  4. Type a name in the Badge Workflow Name field.

  5. The Item field will automatically be populated with the Item you selected.

  6. Click the Lookup Button next to the Badge Type field. A Lookup window will open.

  7. In the Lookup window, select the Badge Type that the Badge Workflow will be associated with.

  8. Select the desired Badge Workflow Type (see Types below) in the Type field.

    1. Line Contact - Assigns the Badge to the purchasing customer as defined in the Contact lookup on the Sales Order Line.

    2. Assigned Contacts - Grants the Badge to all active and assigned contacts.

    3. Line Account - Assigns the Badge to the purchasing Account as defined in the Account lookup on the Sales Order Line.

  9. Optionally, check the Auto Expire checkbox to automatically unassign the Badge from the Contact record when the Assignment record becomes inactive. If you do not see the Auto Expire field, you will need to add it to the Badge Workflow page layout. Speak to your System Administrator to add this field.

  10. Click the Save button.

A Badge will now be assigned to the appropriate Account or Contact record upon the purchase (Posting and Closing of a Sales  Order) of the Item with the associated Badge. It will be displayed on the purchasing Account or Contact's record in the Badges related list.