Badge Flow Down allows users to assign a Badge to a Parent Account. It also allows the Parent's Child Accounts and their related Contacts to receive any benefits of the Badge.

Badge records are not created for the Child Accounts and their Contacts. The system populates the Badge's VisualForce Component on the Contact record for reporting purposes. In order to view all the badges benefiting a Contact, the user must add the Badge's Visualforce Component to the Contact record's page layout.

System Configuration for Badge Flow Downs:

By enabling Badge Flow Down, you are allowing the Badges related list on the Contact or Account record to be presented in the Badges field (VisualForce Component) of the Contact or Account record.

  1. Navigate to the Fonteva Framework app. 

  2. From the left sidebar, click Apps. 

  3. From the drop down menu, click Charge

  4. In the Critical Updates section, locate Enabled Badge Flowdown

  5. If it is inactive, Hover your mouse over the drop down arrow in the Action column and click Activate from the drop down menu.

Badges Field and VisualForce Components

Badge records are NOT created for all Contacts when Badges are assigned to an Account.

Badge records are also NOT created for Child Accounts and their Contacts when an Account receives a badge that is enabled for Badge Flow Down.

To generate reports on assigned badges, users will need to use the Badges field on the Contact record. When Enable Badge Flow Down is enabled, the Badges field (a Long Text Area field) concatenates every Badge that has been assigned to a Contact, Account, or Parent Account.

To view Badges assigned to a Contact (inherited, direct, and Flow Down,) navigate to the Contact record.

Badges are available to display based upon three relationships:

  1. Direct Relationships - Badges that are directly assigned to the Contact record.

  2. Inherited Relationships - Badges that are assigned via the related Account record.

  3. Flow Down Relationships - Badges that are enabled for Flow Down and assigned to the related Account’s Parent Account.

Enabling and Disabling Badge Flow Down 

Enable Badge Flowdown:

  1. Navigate to the Badge Types tab and select the Badge Type record you would like to enable Badge Flow Down for.

  2. From the Badge Type record, check the Enable Badge Flow-down checkbox in the Details section.

  3. Click the Save button.

  4. Click Related to access the related lists for the record.

  5. Locate the Workflow related list. Your previously created Badge Workflows will display here.

  6. Click the arrow next to the desired Badge Workflow and select Edit from the drop down list. The Edit Badge Workflow modal will open.

  7. Select Line Account from the Type field.

  8. Click the Save button.

Disable Badge Flow Down:

By disabling Badge Flow Down, you are allowing staff users to define specific Accounts that cannot receive benefits if Flow Down Badges are assigned to their Parent Accounts. 

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab and select the Account that you would like to disable Badge Flow Down for. 

  2. From the Account record, Scroll down to the Account Settings section and check the Disable Badge Flow Down checkbox.

  3. Click the Save button.