Users cannot pay multiple Invoices at once in Lightning Experience prior to 19-R1. This is due to a Salesforce limitation that prevents custom buttons from being added to list views. If you want to pay multiple Invoices at once, you will need to navigate back to Salesforce Classic to gain this functionality. Click Switch to Salesforce Classic on your profile menu to return to Salesforce Classic.

Users can pay multiple Invoices through a single payment in Salesforce Classic, saving both time and excess bank fees per transaction.

  1. Locate the Account or Contact by searching for their name in the Global Search bar or by clicking the Account or Contact tab in the eBusiness app. Invoices can be also be located by clicking the Invoices tab in the eBusiness app.

  2. Scroll down to locate the Invoices related list

  3. Select all Invoices to be paid by checking the box next to each invoice.

  4. Click the Apply Payment button. The Apply Payment page will open.

  5. All of the Invoices you selected to pay will appear on this page with all of their information displayed. Follow the directions in Applying Payment and System Prioritization Override and Partial Payments to pay off the Invoices as you desire.

    The value entered into the Receipt Memo field is displayed on the Customer Receipt. The value entered into the Memo field is displayed on the ePayment record.

    The system will inform the staff user of any Under Payment amount. If it's within the threshold limits defined on the Business Group, staff users can create a Write-Off. If outside the threshold limits, the underpayment amount will be reflected in the Balance Due of the most recent invoice, if multiple invoices are being paid, or the Balance Due of the single invoice.

  6. Click the Apply Payment button.

The ePayment detail page is returned upon payment and the customer will receive an emailed Receipt that they can view and print.