Important: All Legacy sales orders in orgs that have updated to Fonteva 20Spring or later will have a Balance Due field that equals 0. This is because the Balance Due field was introduced in the 20Spring release. This does not indicate that the order has been paid in total. Only Legacy sales orders marked as IS Posted = True have been successfully paid off.

  1. Locate the Account or Contact by searching for their name in the Global Search bar or by clicking the Account or Contact tab. Invoices can be also be located by clicking the Invoices tab in the eBusiness app.

  2. Click Related and scroll to the Invoices related list. 

  3. Click a posted Invoice to be paid. The Invoice record will open.

  4. Click Apply Payment. The Apply Payment modal will open.

  5. Type the Contact or Account name for the customer in the Account or Contact field.

  6. Type any batch information that is relevant to the customer’s invoice payment in the Batch field.

  7. If there is available credit the customer wishes to apply to their payment, check Apply Credit to Payment. A notification will appear when there is credit available to redeem.

  8. Select the payment method the customer wishes to use in the Payment Method field. Type any additional payment information required for the selected payment method in the below fields under Payment Information.

  9. Type the amount to be paid in the Payment Amount box. You can enter the full amount owed or a partial payment.

  10. Your payment amount will be applied to the Invoice. Any invoice line items paid in full will be marked Paid in Full. Any invoice line items that have received a partial payment will be marked Underpayment.

  11. Each Invoice will display a summary of the amount paid, any credit applied, the total combined amount paid, any balance due, and any write-offs applied.

  12. A complete summary of the total amount paid towards the Invoice(s) and a breakdown of any credit applied, any write-offs applied, the amount paid, and any balance due will generate at the bottom of the Apply Payment page.

  13. Any invoice line that has a balance due, net of adjustments, will have a corresponding adjustment line created to bring the Balance Due to zero.

  14. If you are satisfied, select Apply Payment to pay the invoice(s). A Receipt will be generated for your payment.