Discount Codes give organizations the functionality to provide customers reduced prices on specified items or events that are added to their Shopping Cart. System Admins and staff users can apply a Discount Code to an item on the the Sales Order record by populating the Source Code field.

Enable Discount Codes:

Ensure discount codes are enabled by navigating to Spark Admin > Apps > Charge > Click Activate in the Action dropdown menu for Enables Discounts during checkout.

How to Apply a Discount Code:

  1. From the Checkout page, users can enter a Discount Code into the Discount text box in the Order Summary pane.  

  2. After entering the Discount Code into the text box, click the Apply button. The Checkout page will update to reflect the applied discount. Only one Discount Code can be applied per transaction.

  3. Enter all necessary payment information, and click the Pay button.

Pass A Discount Code From An Event To Others:

In order to pass a Discount Code on an event to others, copy the Source Code ID from the URL on the Source Code record and apply it to the Community URL in the following format: {!communityurl}/Eventapi__Router?event={!}&site={!}&sourcecode={!}