System Admins can amend Subscriptions for several reasons, such as increasing the seats for a membership and/or purchasing additional subscriptions. For example, if a customer purchases a Subscription Plan for 10 seats, and realizes after two months that 3 additional seats are needed, this Subscription will require an amendment. 

Make Amendments to a Subscription:


Amendments are commonly applied to subscription items that are configured as a Company or Organizational Membership with assignments configured. Amendments duplicate the settings of the original membership but limit the assignments to the number of seats they are purchasing.

The following must be done in order to make an amendment:

  • A Company or Organizational Membership subscription item with a set number of Assignment Seats is configured.

  • A Subscription Item called "+1 Company Membership Seat", with 1 Assignment Seat configured. There may be additional subscription items for the various additional seats to be added, i.e. +5 Company Membership Seats.

  • The Company or Organizational Membership subscription item was purchased and all currently available Assignment Seats have been assigned.

Create a Subscription Amendment:

  1. Navigate to the Memberships tab and click the Subscription ID you would like to renew. The subscription record will open.

  2. Click the Amend Subscription action. You will be taken to a newly created Sales Order record.

  3. From the Sales Order record, click Related to access related lists. 

  4. Locate the Sales Order Line related list and copy the Sales Order Line ID.

  5. From the Sales Order Line related list, click the New button. The New Sales Order Line modal will open.

  6. In the Information section in the Item field, select the previously created +1 Company Membership Seat Subscription Item (see Prerequisites above) that you would like to add to the Sales Order.

  7. In the Subscription section, check the Is Amendment checkbox. 

  8. In the Parent Sales Order Line field, paste the previously copied Sales Order Line ID. This is what connects the amendment to the original subscription purchased.

  9. Click the Save button. You will be taken to the newly created Sales Order Line record. 

  10. From the Sales Order field, click the Sales Order ID link.  This will return you to the updated Sales Order record.

  11. Select the Ready for Payment button.

  12. If the Posting Entity is set to Receipt, click the Process Payment button, and type the appropriate payment information accordingly. 

Your Subscription has now successfully been amended.