Early-bird and On-site pricing for registrations can be configured directly from the Ticket Type in Event Builder.

How to Configure Early-Bird and On-Site Pricing for Ticket Types

  1. From the Ticket Types window, click the Alternative Pricing tab.
  2. Check Enable Early-Bird Price if you want to offer Early-Bird pricing for the ticket type.
  3. In the Early-Bird Price text box, enter the Amount of the Early-Bird Price.
  4. In the Early-Bird End Date field, enter or select the End Date for the early bird price.
  5. Check Enable On-Site Price if you want to offer On-Site pricing for the ticket type.
  6. In the On-Site Price text box, enter the Amount of the On-Site Price.
  7. Click Save & Close
  8. Proceed to setting up or editing the event in Event Builder. 

How to Configure Additional Price Rules for Ticket Types

Dynamic Price Rules can be configured on individual Ticket Types.

  1. In the Event Builder navigation bar, select Tickets.
  2. From the Actions column, select the ellipses button and then select Edit Price Rules.

  3. In Name, enter a name for the ticket type price rule.
  4. In Price, enter the ticket price to apply when this rule is used.
  5. Select Is Active.
  6. If you want the Name and Price values to be displayed in the Store, select Is Promotional Price.
  7. Usage Limits can be used to define the number of times the price rule can be used to purchase this ticket type. If you do not want to limit usage of the price rule based on the number of tickets purchased, leave all three fields blank.
    1. Total Limit for All Orders. The limit entered applies to all ticket orders.
    2. Limit Per Account. The limit entered applies to ticket orders from a specific account.
    3. Limit Per Contact. The limit entered applies to ticket orders from a specific contact.
  8. Price Rule Criteria can be used to define when the price rule is applied. Add criteria If you want this price rule automatically applied when specific conditions exist at the time of purchase.
    1. Start Date and End DateTo apply a price change based on a time frame, enter the Start Date and End Date for the price change.
    2. Min. Items Per Order and Max. Items Per OrderTo apply a price change based on the quantity of tickets selected, enter the Min and Max items per order.
    3. Source CodeTo apply a price change based on the use of a discount code (source code), select one or more existing source codes. Note that only source codes already created are accessible here.
    4. Customer Badge TypeTo apply a price change based on badges, select one or more badges types.
    5. You can also add additional criteria specific to the account or contact making the purchase. Use the Add Rule button to include multiple criteria on the account, contact, or both.

  9. Select Save to save changes, Save & New to create a new ticket type price rule, or Save & Exit to return to the Event Builder.