Events often offer breakout sessions or micro-events that allow users to tailor their event itinerary to suit their interests, including meals, presentations, receptions, workshops or social gatherings. These sessions, called Schedule Items in the system, can be configured directly in the Event Builder from the Agenda tab.

Agenda Registration Instructions

To add instructions for registration, enter text into the Agenda Instructions field in the Agenda tab. This text will show on the Agenda selection screen in event registration.

Schedule Items in the Community Portal Event

Schedule Items appear by default on the Agenda Page in the Sessions component for Lightning Events. Registrants can Search for sessions by Name, Track, or Day.

How to Configure Schedule Items

  1. Select the Events app and click the Events tab.
  2. From the Events tab page;
    1. Click the New button to create a new event or select an existing event.
    2. For a New Event, progress to the Event Builder.
    3. For an Existing Event, click the Edit button to launch Event Builder.
  3. In Event Builder, from the left-side navigation, select the Agenda tab.

  4. Check Enable Schedule Items.
  5. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner of Event Builder

    Clicking Save on the Event Builder after checking this box is a crucial step. The Event must be enabled to support Schedule Items before they can be configured. If you do not click Save before creating a Schedule Item the Item will not be configured correctly, so the Schedule Item can't be purchased in the Portal from the Event's Site. To fix the issue you must DELETE all created schedule Items, uncheck the Enable Schedule Items checkbox, click Save, then re-check the Enable Schedule Items checkbox, and then click Save again.
  6. Scroll down to the Schedule Items section, and Click + New Schedule Item.
  7. Check Active when the event is active to have this Schedule Item publish when the Event is in the Registration Open status. See the Statuses page for more information.
  8. In the Schedule Item Name text box, enter the Schedule Item Name
  9. Optional features include:
    1. Enter the max Capacity.
    2. Check enabled Waitlisting.
  10. Enter Start Date.
  11. Enter Start Time.
  12. Enter Duration.

  13. Other Optional features include:
    1. Check Allow Conflicts to allow attendees to register for multiple Schedule Items occurring at the same time.
    2. Enter the room or location where your Schedule Item takes place in the Room/Location field. If you have previously entered a room or location, it will show up in the Room/Location lookup field. Only Rooms/Locations associated with this event will appear in the lookup field.
    3. Enter Price if the Schedule Item is paid. Leave this field blank if the Schedule Item is free.
    4. Enter Schedule Item Description.
    5. Upload Image or enter Image URL.
    6. Click the Attach Form tab to attach Forms created in Form Builder.
    7. Click the Accounting tab to configure Accounting Information.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Proceed with setting up or editing the Event in Event Builder. 

In order to configure Schedule Items longer than 24 hours, please follow the steps below

  1. Configure your Event in Event Builder with the Schedule Item's duration reflecting 24 hours, save & exit. 
  2. Go to the event's Schedule Item related list on the Event record in Salesforce, and click on the Edit hyperlink for that Schedule Item.
  3. Update the End Date and the End Time as needed, and click Save


    When you return to the Event Builder, the Schedule Item duration's hour field will display as NULL.  As long as staff do not modify this record, you're good to go. If modified, they will need to repeat the above step.

Edit Schedule Items


You can edit some basic Schedule Item fields from the Schedule Items table at the bottom of the Agenda tab.

  1. Click Display Name and enter a new name for the Schedule Item.

  2.  Click Price to modify the price.

  3. Click Capacity to modify the session capacity.

  4. Check Is Active to mark the session as Active or remove that status.


The Date & Time field is read only. You must edit the Schedule Item to modify its date, time, and duration.

Sorting Schedule Items


You can search and filter for specific Schedule Items using the Search and Filter Schedule Items feature.

To search and filter through Schedule Items:

  1. Enter text in the Schedule Item Search field to search for sessions via their Display Name.

  2. Click Show Schedule Item Filters to open the Schedule Item Filters dropdown section.

  3. Click the Sort By field and select Date&Time or Alpha to sort sessions by date and time or alphabetical order.

  4. Click any of the filter fields and select from the items available on the filter picklists. Sessions will filter below based on your selected criteria. You can filter by Speaker, Track, and Day.

Each Filter field will display the number of filters currently selected. By default, no filters are selected.

If you want to hide the Schedule Item Filters, click Hide Schedule Item Filters, and the filters will disappear. Any filters or sorting options you have applied will remain in place.