Advanced Settings provide more varied control over how Schedule Items display in the Agenda in Event Registration. This is configurable by Ticket Types, and staff users can designate whether Schedule Items display, are registrable, or are required based on the Ticket Type.


By default, all Schedule Items will show up in registration, and attendees will be able to choose whether or not to register for them.

  1. In the Agenda tab, click Advanced Settings.

  2. Click the  Ticket Types picklist and select a Ticket Type from the picklist options.

  3. Check Manage Agenda by Ticket Type to allow staff users to manage Scheduled Items by Ticket Type. The Search and Filter Schedule Items field and the available Schedule Items will appear.


    The settings you apply to the Schedule Items under one Ticket Type will not apply to a different Ticket Type. If you want settings to apply to other ticket types, you must select a different ticket type from the Ticket Type picklist and apply the settings to the individual Schedule Items.

  4. Check Hide During Registration to hide a Schedule Item during registration. These Schedule items will not show up during registration.

  5. Check Disable Registration to prevent users from registering for sessions. These sessions will still show up during registration, but users will be unable to register for them.


    Required For Registration will become unavailable when Disable Registration is checked.

  6. Check Required for Registration to make the Schedule Item required for all attendees. The Schedule Item will show up in registration and will automatically be added to the Order Summary for all attendees.


    Disable Registration will become unavailable when Required For Registration is checked.