Payment Types allow you to display additional payment tabs on the community portal store checkout page. In the screenshot below, the tabs labeled "Fake Paypal" and "Live Paypal Gateway" have been added using Payment Types.

The most common use case for adding a Payment Type is when you would like the system to accept an offsite payment type, like Direct Debit (in the United Kingdom/European Union) or Paypal. If your store is only accepting credit cards and echecks (when supported by your Payment Gateway), you do not need to set up a Payment Type.


To allow customers to pay with their Paypal account, you must first set up a Payment Gateway for Paypal. See Configuring Test and Live Payment Gateways. If your organization is ONLY allowing Paypal payments (no credit cards or echecks), simply look up to PayPal in the Payment Gateway field of the Store, AND create the Paypal Payment Type as described below.

If users want to use PayPal for recurring payments, they will need to verify they have enabled Preapproved Payments on their PayPal account.

3D Secure

A Payment Type is NOT needed for 3D secure. To learn what 3D secure is, visit Configuring Test and Live Payment Gateways.

Multiple Orders No Longer Supported for Direct Debits

As of the Fonteva 20 Spring release, multiple orders are not supported with the Direct Debit payment option. The Direct Debit payment option will not be available when users attempt to purchase multiple Sales Orders at once.

Add a Payment Type:

  1. Navigate to the Store tab and Select the Store where the new Payment Type will be added.

  2. Select Related and locate the Payment Type related list.

  3. Click the New button. The New Payment Type modal will open.

  4. Provide the Payment Type Name. This will not display to users.

  5. Check Is Enabled to enable the Payment Type for use.

  6. Select the Payment Gateway for the offsite payment type.

  7. Provide checkout instructions in the Instructions field for a particular payment type. These instructions will appear at checkout when the user selects the payment type.

  8. Check Display on Frontend Checkout if the tab for the new payment type should show in the community portal checkout.

    1. Paypal does not show in the Rapid Order Entry (staff view) checkout because the customer will need to log into their Paypal account to pay with it, so you should always check Display on Frontend Checkout for Paypal.

    2. Direct Debit staff view payments are made via a button on the Sales Order, and not through Rapid Order Entry.  Display on Frontend Checkout is optional for Direct Debit.

Auto Post SO and Receipt:

The most common configuration is for the Auto Post SO to be checked and the Auto Post Receipt to remain unchecked. This way any Event Attendee and Subscription records are created, but the revenue and cash are not recognized until the payment has been completed.

If you leave them unchecked, they will post once payment is confirmed.