Create a Webinar Sync Connection User for each Salesforce user who needs to sync Fonteva Events with Zoom webinars and meetings.

  1. In Fonteva, go to App Picker > Webinar Sync - Setup.

  2. In the Authorize Staff/Community Users section of the connection, select Add User. The Add Usermodal opens.

  3. In the User field, search for and select the user account.

  4. In the Host ID field, enter the Host ID associated with the selected user’s webinar account.

    1. For Zoom connections, enter the email address associated with the user’s Zoom account.

  5. Select Is Active.

  6. (Optional) Select Can Delegate Host to enable the user to create and sync events on behalf of other users.

  7. Select Save. The new user account displays in the Authorize Staff/Community Users section.

  8. Repeat steps 2 - 7 for each user account as needed.