Users now have the option to allow registrants who do not already exist in the system as Contacts to be matched with existing Accounts. Enabling Account match settings is done on the Store object in the eStore app.

There are two options to search by:

  • All Accounts which enables guest users to search for their Account using a defined set of fields.

  • Domain Matching in which the system automatically associates the Contact with an Account based on their email domain. 


If Account search is configured but there is no match for the guest registrant, the Account created will follow the rules defined by the New Contact Parent Account Rule (a bucket Guest Checkout Account) when Guest Checkout is enabled.

Configure Account Search for Event Attendees

  1. Navigate to the Stores tab.
  2. Select an existing Store.

  3. From the Store's record page, click the Edit button. The Edit Store window will open.

  4. Scroll down to the Guest Checkout section. Verify Enable Guest Checkout is checked with both the New Contact Parent Account Rule and Guest Checkout Account populated. See page for more information.

  5. Scroll down to the Event Account Search section and check Enable Account Search.

  6. From the Account Match Criteria picklist, select All Accounts.


    When searching using this criteria, the Account is exact match only.


    Verify that any Accounts which should be searchable to Guest Users have Privacy Settings set to Public. By Default, Accounts are Private.

  7. Define fields for the Account Search Result Fields CSV field, which will be displayed when searching if there are multiple accounts with the same name.


    At the very least, you should include the Name field. Otherwise, results will not display when there is a match.


    This is done by adding the API names for any Account fields, separated by commas. This is found by going to Setup>Build>Customize>Accounts>Fields.

  8. Click Save.

Configure Account Domain Matching for Event Attendees

In order to match a Contact’s email domain to an Account, Company Domains must be configured on the Account record. 


Fonteva does not support domain matching for community events. Domain matching only works for lightning events for unauthenticated users.

  1. Locate an Account record from the Accounts tab.

  2. In the Company Domains related list in the Related section, click New.

  3. Enter the Value of the domain in the proper format (Ex.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Repeat steps for any additional Account Domains.

Enable Domain Matching in Store

Once Company Domains are configured on Account records, the Domain Matching can be enabled on the Store record.

  1. Locate the Store record from the Stores tab in the eStore app.

  2. Click Edit. The Edit Store modal will open.


    Ensure Enable Guest Checkout is checked with both the New Contact Parent Account Rule and Guest Checkout Account are populated.

  3. Check Enable Account Search under Event Account Search.

  4. Set Account Match Criteria = Domain Matching.

  5. Click Save.