Admins can configure Access Permissions directly on an item record or Item Class record to restrict visibility in the Community Portal. Badges are granted to portal users in order to provide them with exclusive opportunities and full functionality in the Community Portal.

Badges cannot be assigned to guest users. Guest users cannot view any item with a Badge assignment. If Access Permissions are enabled and there are no assigned Badges, access to the item is restricted to staff users and the System Administrator.

Access Permissions are not honored in ROE (Rapid Order Entry).

Configure Access Permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and [Select] the item you want to configure Access Permissions for. 

  2. From the item record, [Check] the Enable Access Permissions checkbox from the Details section.

  3. [Click] the Save button.

  4. [Click] Related to access the record's related lists.

  5. Locate the Access Permissions related list and [Click] the Manager Permissions button. The Access Permissions settings page will open.

  6. [Drag and Drop] the desired Badge Types from the Restrict Access field to the field Enable Access. Users with the Badge Types in the Enable Access field will have access to the item in the Community, and those in the Restrict Access field will not.

  7. [Click] the Save button. 

The newly enabled Badge Types will now display in the Access Permissions related list on the Item record, and only users with those Active Badge Types will be able to see this item (or Item Class) in the Portal.