After installing and configuring Webinar Sync, Fonteva Events can be synchronized with Zoom or GoTo meetings and webinars. Synchronization copies Fonteva Event settings to the corresponding fields in your webinar platform, and vice versa. This bi-directional sync is the key to importing event and registrant details from one platform to another. For example, you could sync a Zoom webinar with an existing Fonteva event to import all the registrants from Zoom directly into your event in Fonteva.


  • Webinar Sync installation. A licensed version of Fonteva Webinar Sync must be installed in Salesforce. See the Install Webinar Sync page for details.

  • Webinar Sync Connection. A Connection to a valid Zoom or GoTo account must be configured before adding Connection Users. See the Connect to Zoom or Connect to GoTo page for details.

  • Webinar Sync Connection User. At least one Connection User must be configured before synchronizing events. See the Add a Connection User page for details.


  • Create a Sync. Associate a specific Fonteva event with a corresponding event in your webinar platform.

  • Manual Sync. Manually re-run an existing Sync to update records between Fonteva and the webinar platform.

  • Disconnect a Sync. Remove or change the meeting or webinar associated with a Fonteva event.