Early-bird and On-site pricing for registrations can be configured directly from the Ticket Type in Event Builder.

How to Configure Early-Bird and On-Site Pricing for Ticket Types

  1. From the Ticket Types window, click the Alternative Pricing tab.
  2. Check Enable Early-Bird Price if you want to offer Early-Bird pricing for the ticket type.
  3. In the Early-Bird Price text box, enter the Amount of the Early-Bird Price.
  4. In the Early-Bird End Date field, enter or select the End Date for the early bird price.
  5. Check Enable On-Site Price if you want to offer On-Site pricing for the ticket type.
  6. In the On-Site Price text box, enter the Amount of the On-Site Price.
  7. Click Save & Close
  8. Proceed to setting up or editing the event in Event Builder. 

How to Configure Additional Price Rules for Ticket Types

Additional dynamic Price Rules can be configured in Event Builder by clicking the Actions menu and Edit Price Rules link next to the Ticket Type.

These price rules can be used to configure:

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