There are a lot of fields to translate in a Community, and you might not always know which type of field is which. To help speed things up, we have provided a visual map of where and what type of fields are located across the Community Portal.

As covered on the Manual Community Portal Translation page, there are three locations where you will translate fields:

  • Fonteva Record Translator Tables

  • Salesforce Translation Workbench

  • Salesforce Custom Labels

The Translation Field Guides will help you determine where fields are located across your Community and which location you should visit to locate and translate these fields. They also supply unique identifying information on each field so you’re never left guessing which field to translate. The below tables shows which indicators are used to differentiate between field locations. You’ll also use these indicators to locate individual fields in these three locations.

Fonteva Record

Includes the Object and Field Label for the field.

Salesforce Translation Workbench

Includes the Setup Component (SC), Object, and Field Label for the field.

Salesforce Custom Labels

Includes the Namespace and Name of the field.

Visual Translation Guides and Custom Label Master List

We provide visual translation guides for the Store, Checkout, Events, and the Profile page, as well as a master list of 600 custom labels used throughout the Community.

Store Visual Translation Guide

Checkout Visual Translation Guide

Events Visual Translation Guide

Profile Visual Translation Guide

Custom Label Master List