First Time Switching to Lightning Experience

If this is your first time switching to Lightning Experience, you'll use Salesforce's Lightning Experience Transition Assistant to help prepare you and set things up for moving to Lightning.

  1. Go to Setup in Salesforce Classic and click the Get Started button in the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant at the top of the menu.

  2. The Lightning Experience Transition Assistant will open.

  3. Salesforce has three phases to help guide you through learning about, implementing, and optimizing Lightning Experience for your org. Each phase contains steps to walk you through. Complete all the steps in each phase to successfully implement Lightning Experience for your org. You can learn more about Salesforce's Lightning Experience Transition Assistant by reading these Salesforce Help pages here and here.

Switch Back to Lightning From Classic

If you're a regular Lightning user and need to switch back to Lightning Experience from Salesforce Classic, click the handy link at the top of your screen to return to Lightning.