Spark Framework is the first platform Fonteva built on the Salesforce1 platform. The Framework is used to dramatically reduce application development and customer support costs on Salesforce. Spark Framework contains Product Updates, System Logs, API Services, Rollup Summary Fields, Routing Rules, Access Manager, App Preferences, Feature ActivationHelp Resources, and more.

Spark Framework is the platform for all other packages in the Fonteva Product Suite. Fonteva architecture allows Spark to be used as a separate product to also manage third-party apps. Although Spark was built for developers, there are several components administrators and users will find useful:

Access Spark Framework:

To access Spark Framework, navigate to the Fonteva Framework Lightning Tab. It is important to access Spark Framework using the Fonteva Framework Lightning tab and not the Spark Admin Lightning Tab. Product Updates will not load in Spark Framework if you access it from the Spark Admin Lightning Tab.


The Fonteva Framework tab will open onto the Dashboard in Spark Framework. Spark Framework components will be directly available here. You can also access these components and others in the left-side menu.