As of the Fonteva 20 Spring.1 release, Fonteva is transitioning into using Salesforce Sharing Sets to provide you with secure record access in your Community Portal. Users were previously unable to utilize the Community Portal with Customer Community Licenses when External or Org-Wide Default Sharing was set to private, forcing the purchase of Customer Community Plus licenses. With the use of Sharing Sets, you can forgo the Customer Community Plus licenses.

Sharing Sets are only used by authenticated users. Guest users do no use Sharing Sets.

Customer Community Plus Licenses are unable to use Sharing Sets and will need to use Salesforce Sharing Rules instead.

What Are Sharing Sets?

Salesforce Sharing Sets are a method devised to provide Community Portal users access to records associated with their Accounts and Contacts based on their user profiles. By default, Community Portal users with the Customer Community License can only view their own records, such as cases they file with support or a Sales Order they created by shopping in the Store. However, if a staff member creates a Sales Order for a Contact, the staff user will be set as the owner, and the Sales Order Contact won’t have access. A Sharing Set can open up that level of access for Customer Community License users. It provides access to records associated with their Accounts or Contacts based on their user profiles.

The Community Portal must be enabled to utilize Sharing Sets. Please see Create a Lightning Community for directions on setting up a Community Portal.

Your System Admin can set up only one Sharing Set per profile per object. This means a profile will only have one Sharing Set for each object.

What Does This Mean For My Org?

If Sharing Sets are not configured after you update to Fonteva 20 Spring.1 or later, your Community Portal will not work as it did before updating. Your users will be unable to access their information in the Community Portal the same way they did prior to updating to Fonteva 20 Spring.1.

It is extremely important that you configure your Sharing Sets after updating. You can get started by following these steps below for successfully configuring your Sharing Sets: