Fonteva has moved to a new strategy for using Amazon Web Services for the storage and retrieval of Forms attachments. This updated design allows for the use of geographically located AWS S3 buckets to conform to local laws in certain countries and improves security through the use of the AWS "timed link" feature. A timed link is an artifact provided by Amazon to provide increased security when accessing S3 storage. Fonteva is now using timed links to secure the access to our content. The actual execution of the timed link technology is invisible to the user, providing a seamless experience.

Other advantages include:

  • All activity with the URL happens on the server side, preventing the credentials from being exposed.

  • The Fonteva page(s) containing this download capability can be restricted to logged-in staff users in the org so the general public cannot access the file.

The following steps are taken when a portal user chooses to upload a file:

  1. A call will be made to the Fonteva platform Salesforce server.

  2. The Fonteva code will generate a timed link (link expires in 30 seconds).

  3. The document for upload is posted to the AWS S3 bucket using the generated link.

The file upload will begin as soon as it is posted. The upload itself can take longer than duration of the timed link.

Error Resolution: Image Not Visible:

If your image is not visible even if the image is publicly available, add the following AWS URLs to your list of CSP trusted sites:

User Accesses File Stores in AWS S3:

The following steps will take place when a user accesses a file stored in AWS S3:

  1. A call is made to the Fonteva Platform in the Salesforce Org.

  2. The Fonteva code will generate a timed link.

  3. The browser session is redirected to the timed link and the file download commences.

Configure AWS S3:

  1. Navigate to the Spark Framework app.

  2. Select the Spark app under Apps.

  3. Scroll down to Settings Pages and click AWS S3 configuration. The AWS S3 Configuration Dashboard will open.

  4. Fill out the following fields:

    1. Region: Geographic location for the S3 bucket.

    2. Bucket  Name: Name of the secure S3 bucket.

    3. Public Bucket Name: Name of a public S3 bucket that anyone can access. The Public Bucket is only associated with the HTML editor. Any images added on the HTML editor will utilize the Public Bucket.

    4. Upload TTL: Amount of time the generated upload link lives in the secure S3 bucket. 10 seconds is the minimum.

    5. Download TTL: Amount of time the generated download link lives in the secure S3 bucket. 10 seconds is the minimum.

Fonteva currently supports the following buckets in the following regions. If there are other regions you would like made available, please contact Fonteva's Support Department to create new regions.




Public Bucket

United States (East)




Canada (Central)




EU (London)