Run Access Manager after installing or upgrading a Fonteva package. This requirement ensures all relevant profiles have, at minimum, Read permissions for any new fields added in the upgrade.

Best practice. For best performance when running Access Manager, apply permissions to no more than five (5) profiles at one time. The system will accept up to fifteen (15) profiles, but processing time will be affected by the number of profiles selected.

  1. Go to App Launcher > Spark Admin > Access Manager.

    Spark Admin

  2. If prompted to login, select Production or Development and authenticate with your Salesforce credentials.

    Login modal

  3. On the Choose Packages and Profiles screen,

    1. Under Packages, select All Packages.

    2. Under Unpackaged, select Standard.

    3. Under Profiles, select each profile that requires access to all packages, including your Customer Community Login User profile. We recommend selecting the following profiles:

      1. Standard Platform User

      2. Standard User

      3. System Admin

      4. Any profiles with Partner, Guest, or Fonteva in the name.

      5. Any other relevant profiles used in your org.

    4. Existing Orgs may have other, non-Fonteva packages already installed. Be sure to select only Fonteva packages.

  4. At the bottom of the window, select Fetch Profiles. The Set Up Profiles page opens.

  5. On the Set Up Profiles page, select the orange circle at the top.

    Set Up Profiles screen

  6. Move all three sliders to the right for Object Permissions, Class and Page Access, and Field Permissions.

    Set Up Profiles screen permissions sliders

  7. Remove all Edit and Delete object permissions for Guest profiles. This step is required only if you selected Guest profiles in step 3c.

    1. The profiles you selected are listed on the right. Select a Guest profile from the list, or scroll down to locate a Guest profile.

    2. Under the selected Guest profile, Object Permissions section, deselect all Edit and Delete checkboxes.

    3. Repeat steps a and b for all Guest profiles.

  8. At the bottom of the window, select Update Profiles. The selected profiles are given access permissions to any new fields created when Fonteva was upgraded. Apex Classes and Visualforce Page Access is also granted.

Related documentation. For information on how to create new profiles for your Community, refer to the Create Community Profiles article.