Users can switch Google Autocomplete with PCA Predict (Addressy in the United States). Switching to PCA Predict will cause PCA Predict to generate addresses in Address Input fields instead of Google Autocomplete. This will affect all Address Input fields in Fonteva.


You must have a PCA Key available in order to configure PCA Predict for Fonteva.


Newer versions of Salesforce require you to add the PCA Predict URL to the list of CSP trusted sites. If it is not added, the PCA Predict functionality will not work.

To add the URL:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page and enter CSP in the Quick Find search field.
  2. Select CSP Trusted Sites from the results generated.
  3. Click New Trusted Site. The Content Security Policy Trusted Site Edit page will open.
  4. Enter the Name as PCA.
  5. Enter this PCA Predict URL: . If a slash is added at the end of the URL when you copy and paste, please remove the slash.
  6. Check Active.
  7. Select All as the Context.
  8. Click Save.

To switch to PCA Predict from Google Autocomplete:

  1. Navigate to the Spark Framework app.
  2. Select the Spark app under Apps.

  3. Scroll down to Settings Pages and click Lightning Address Input Config. Lightning Address Input Configuration will open.

  4. Enter your PCA key into the PCA Key field. 
  5. If you want to limit results to a few countries, enter your desired countries into the PCA Countries field. Make sure they are separated by commas.
  6. If you use a user's IP address to zero in on an address, check PCA by IP

  7. When you're finished entering information into the fields, click Save to save your configuration.