As of the Fonteva 20 Spring release, you can enable translation for your Community Portal, transforming it into a fully functioning multilingual community. You will use a combination of Fonteva and Salesforce translation tools and settings to translate your multilingual Community Portal.

They are as follows:

  • Salesforce Custom Labels

  • Salesforce Translation Workbench

  • Fonteva Community Languages Tool

Fonteva leverages Salesforce Custom Labels and the Salesforce Translation Workbench along with our own Community Languages tool to enable you to completely translate your Community Portal. Let's take a look at how these translation tools come together when enabled.

Custom Labels

Salesforce Custom Labels are custom text values that can be accessed from Apex Classes, Visualforce pages, or Lightning Components. They automatically present information in your users' preferred language. On your Community Portal, you experience Custom Labels as buttons, informative text, warning text, and much more. The majority of your translations will be Custom Labels.

In the screenshot below, we call out the Filters title (1) as a Custom Label.

Translation Workbench

You will translate Field Labels, certain Custom Fields, Field Set Labels, and Picklist Values through the Salesforce Translation Workbench. The Translation Workbench allows you to specify languages to translate and assign staff users as translators. Depending on how many picklists and field sets you employ in your Community, you may use the Workbench a lot or a little.

In the screenshot, we call out the Status field set from the Event object (2) for translation with the Translation Workbench.

Fonteva Community Languages Tool

Record data specific to Objects gets translated through the Fonteva Community Languages Tool and Fonteva Record Translator Tables. Record data refers to the information you enter into the fields on object records. This covers the data in your Events, your Store, Forms, and more. In the screenshot, we’re calling out the title of an event, User Meetup (3), as record data that gets translated through Fonteva’s translation tools.

Automatically Translated Data

Salesforce will automatically translate certain kinds of data without you having to do anything except configure languages in Salesforce. Date and time fields, address fields, the Add to Calendar component, and Google Directions all will get automatically translated through Salesforce when the language is properly enabled. In this screenshot, we’re calling out the date of the event (4) as the data that would automatically get translated.

Get Started

Set Up Multilingual Community Portal - Set up your org to be able to utilize multiple languages.

Import/Export Translation Records - Export the fields you need translated, translate them, and import the translations into your org.

Individual Translation - Translate records directly in the system.

Translation Field Guide - Learn which values display where.

Salesforce Supported Languages

Multilingual Communities support Salesforce’s list of Fully Supported Languages, found here.

Pre-Translated Custom Labels

Because Fonteva includes over 600 Custom Labels, Fonteva provides out of the box translations for six languages for the Custom Labels that display in the Fonteva Lightning Community:

  • German

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • Dutch

  • Simplified Chinese

Multilingual Community Limitations

The following are currently not supported for Multilingual Communities with Fonteva:

  • Right to left languages

  • Additional Managed Packages (Join Process, C&A Programs, Directories)

Access to the Community Builder and Dataloader is contingent on the user having a System Administrator profile.