Page Layouts

Page Layouts are modified by System Administrators to add desired fields, buttons, links, and related lists. To modify a Page Layout:

  1. Navigate to the Object you want to modify the Page Layout for.
  2. Click the Lightning Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. A menu will open.

  3. Select Edit Object from the menu. A new window will open in the Object Manager open to the Object you were on.

  4. Click Page Layouts in the left-hand menu. The Page Layouts page will open.

  5. Select the most recent Page Layout for your Object. The Page Layout Editor will open.

  6. Drag and drop items from the palette to the appropriate areas on your page layout. Click Save when you are finished to save and apply your layout changes to your object's records.

You'll most likely be modifying Fields, Mobile & Lightning Actions, or Related Lists on your page layout.

As a quick reminder:

Fields: Information about an object record is displayed in fields. Staff users can edit fields to edit information about a record.

Mobile & Lightning Actions: These are actions you can take on your record. In Salesforce Classic, these were Buttons. Typically you'll see Edit and New, but records for objects created by Fonteva may also include some Fonteva-specific actions, such as Rapid Order Entry.

Related Lists: These are object records related to the record page. They display under the Related option on your record page.

Page Layout Assignment:

You want to be using the most recent page layout for your object records. Occasionally, you may have to update to the most recent page layout. You also might want to control which profiles can access certain fields or actions.

From the Page Layouts page, click Page Layout Assignment.

The Page Layout Assignment page will open. You'll see which profiles are assigned which page layouts for your object in the table.

To modify a page layout assignment for your profiles, click Edit Assignment.

Select all the profiles where you want to modify the page layout assignment. The table will note the amount of profiles selected.

Select the page layout you want to assign to your selected profiles from the dropdown menu.

Click Save to apply your changes. The page will refresh, displaying your new page layout assignments.