Currently, System Admins must set organization wide defaults to ensure taxes are consistently applied to items within the organization. However, the option to enable taxes is now also available on individual Business Groups.

How to Manage System Wide Tax Default Settings Using Spark Framework:

  1. From the Charge app page, scroll down to the Settings Page section and click eBusiness User/Profile Preferences link.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check Calculate Sales Tax.

  3. Click the Update Organization Wide Default Preferences button.

  4. Tax calculations will now be enabled for the organization.

How to Manage Tax Default Settings Using Individual Business Groups:

  1. Navigate to Business Groups from the App Launcher.

  2. Search and select an existing Business Group. 

  3. From the Business Group's page, click the Edit button. The Edit Business Groups window will open.

  4. From the Edit Business Group window, scroll down to the Tax Configurations section.

  5. Check Calculate Sales Tax to enable the tax-related validations and calculations for the selected Business Group.

  6. Click Save.