This document lists all standard and optional Fonteva packages. Reference this list to identify Fonteva-specific packages when running Access Manager.

Fonteva Platform Packages


Assemble provides event managers, marketing staff, corporate HR, and universities with one system to handle all their events. From simple to complex events, Assemble helps staff easily manage sponsors, vendors, venues, and other event components.


Charge brings the power of eCommerce and full revenue accounting to Salesforce in one complete package. Handle all your back office needs, manage accounts, and contracts for multiple internal business units, and build an eStore to publish and sell courses, memberships, and merchandise.


Engage enables you to build powerful online communities that bring people together, promote knowledge-sharing, and increase customer engagement with your organization.

Engage - Member Community

Engage - Member Community is a beautifully designed web portal where members can purchase and manage subscriptions, register for events and sources, make donations, interact with other members, join groups, and shop in a full-featured eCommerce store.

Fonteva Services

Service Layer for Fonteva Applications.

Fonteva Version Services

FDService Versioning helps customers utilizing FDService Layer API’s to be up-versioned for new requirements or changes in existing functionality without breaking other customization.


Used to store API secret keys such as AWS, Spreedly, GoogleApi, or CAPTCHA.

Lightning Bolt Community

Lightning Bolt in Salesforce gives us the ability to ship templates to customers as part of managed packages. Each Lightning page can use a unique template, or a global template can be applied for the entire community. Themes can also be used to further customize pages.

Lightning Lens

Web portal leveraging salesforce lightning community builder to standardize and improve the user experience where members can purchase and manage subscriptions, register for events and sources, make donations, interact with other members, join groups, and shop in a full-featured eCommerce store.

Rapid Order Entry

Rapid Order Entry is a quick way to create an order for a specific contact that can be paid by staff or the customer.


Spark provides a smarter framework for developers to more rapidly build flexible and reactive applications, implement solutions, and more efficiently manage complex Salesforce implementations.

Fonteva Optional Packages


For organizations with multi-currency enabled, the Multi-currency managed package sets the currency based on Business Groups.


DirectDebit is a payment alternative for purchasing subscription items in the United Kingdom and the EU. It is a safe and economical way for customers to arrange for regular, recurring payments.


With Fonteva Directories, you can utilize lightning technology to create unlimited, searchable directories, listings, or catalogs using any standard or custom object in your Salesforce, branded for any website, and displayed in a variety of formats. Users can browse or search a list, then drill-down into a configurable item detail page.


DonorNation enables you to build custom pages to support donation campaigns, including donations in kind. Advance works with Fonteva's Charge app to process payments through separate accounts and payment gateways, as needed.

Fonteva Reports

Fonteva Reports offers pre-made event and membership reports.

Join Processes

Join Processes is a dynamic wizard that takes the complexity out of your membership join process. Define your constituents' journey to membership through point-and-click configuration, not code.

Member Directories

Member Directories are useful additions to any Customer Community. The Directory Builder is a dynamic tool for creating and maintaining these online listings. The application’s design allows the portal users to personalize the directory’s output based on the data elements in the defined object.

MemberNation Reports

MemberNation Reports includes reports, report types and dashboards for some of the most commonly used reports in the system. Watch for upgrades as more reports are added to the managed package.

Price Rules Manager

Price Rule Manager enables you to create and apply pricing rules across groups of items all at once. This extends the powerful price rules engine by allowing you to aggregate these rules across multiple items.


Programs provides a structure for engaging and managing defined requirements that a participant must successfully complete to be recognized as having completed a level of standards or proficiency in a given arena.