This guide is only applicable to customers on 2018-R2 or later release.

Starting with Salesforce Spring '20 release, system administrators have to grant profiles or permission sets access to Custom Metadata Types. Fonteva uses Custom Metadata Types to control the behavior of the application.

To grant a specific profile or permission set Read access to a Custom Metadata Type, navigate to the Custom Metadata Types permissions as illustrated in this Salesforce release notes and follow the instructions to grant Read access.

Below is the list of Custom Metadata Types that need access based on the packages installed in your environment:

Fonteva Platform

  • Spark.Framework.Fonteva Pulse Component

  • Spark.Framework.Fonteva Registry Entry

  • Spark.Framework.Keystore

  • Spark.Framework.Spark Plug Extension

  • Spark.Framework.Spark Plug Extension Point

  • Engage.PagesApi.Fonteva Controller Route

  • Charge.OrderApi.Custom Payment Type Template

  • Assemble.EventApi.Event Builder Tab

  • Assemble.EventApi.Event Registration Style

  • Assemble.EventApi.Event Status Template

  • Assemble.EventApi.Lightning Event Component

  • Assemble.EventApi.Lightning Event Page Template

  • Assemble.EventApi.Lightning Event Page Template Component

  • Fonteva Services.FDService.Fonteva Service Module

  • Fonteva Services.FDService.Fonteva Service Module Class


  • Directories.DRCTS.Lightning Enhanced Directories Component

Direct Debits with GoCardless

  • DDApi.DDApi.GoCardless Config