Fonteva has created an Events Workflow Package for jumpstarting the creation of email templates for Lightning Events. This package provides a set of generic Visualforce email templates attached to workflows that you can customize for your org.


  • Event API with Framework Pages needs to be in order.


There are already some previous installed email workflow packages on your org. You may want to deactivate these packages to allow Fonteva Event Workflows to run without duplicate emails getting sent out.


You will receive a link to install the Fonteva Event Workflows package. [Click] the link to navigate to the install page. You may need to log in to your Salesforce org first.

  1. [Click] the Renaming conflicting components in package radio button.

  2. [Select] Install for All Users.

[Click] the Install button to begin installing the package.

You will receive an email when the installation is complete. The Fonteva Event Workflows package will show up on the Installed Packages page. Emails will begin sending out to attendees for all events created after installing the package.


The email workflows in the Fonteva Events Workflow package will not activate for events created prior to installing the package, and attendees to these events will not receive emails from these workflows.


After installation, you will need to add the Event field to the Receipt object. This works as a trigger to start the workflows that send the emails. If you are unable to adjust page layouts, contact your System Administrator to add the Event field to the Receipt object.

Modify Templates:

The Visualforce email templates in the Fonteva Events Workflow package will automatically display the logo and colors designated in the Theme for the Business Group connected to the event. However, you still may want to adjust certain aspects of the email template that go beyond these areas.


Editing the Fonteva Events Workflow email templates will require some skill with HTML.

  1. [Click] Setup.

  2. [Enter] Email Templates into the Quick Search field and [Click] Email Templates under Communication Templates in the left-side bar.

  3. Click] the Folder drop down list and [Select] FON - Event Workflow Email Templates from the choices available.

  4. The FON - Event Workflow Email Templates folder will open, displaying all of the email templates from the installed package. 

  5. [Click] the Email Template Name for the template you want to edit. A preview page of the template will open.

  6. [Click] Edit Template on the template preview page. The Visualforce Email Template Edit page will open.

  7. The email template’s HTML content will display in the Email Content window. [Enter] your edits in this window.

  8. [Click] Save to save your edits. You will return to the preview of the email template.

  9. [Click] Back to List: Email Templates to return to the FON - Event Workflow Email Templates folder.

Modify Workflows:

The Fonteva Events Workflows email templates have pre-made workflows associated with them. You can adjust these workflows in Workflow Rules.

  1. [Click] Setup.

  2. [Enter] Workflow Rules into the Search field.

  3. [Click] Workflow Rules under Workflows and Approvals in the left-side bar. The All Workflow Rules page will open.

  4. The workflows for the Events Workflow Package will be designated with Fonteva Event in the Rule Name. [Click] Edit in the Action column for the Workflow Rule you want to edit. The Edit Rule page will open.

  5. On the Edit Rule page, you can make edits to the rule in the Edit RuleEvaluation Criteria, and Rule Criteria sections on the page.

  1. In the Edit Rule section, you can make edits to the Rule Name and Description fields.

  2. In the Evaluation Criteria section, you can adjust when the rule is evaluated.

  3. In the Rule Criteria section, you can adjust the rule criteria that define when the rule will run.

  • When you have completed your edits, [Click] Save at the bottom of the page to apply your edits. You will return to the All Workflow Rules page.

Update Package:

To apply an update to the Events Workflow Package, you will first need to uninstall the original Events Workflow Package. This is because it is an unmanaged package. After uninstalling the package, you will install the new updated package.

To uninstall the first package:

  1. [Click] Setup.

  2. [Enter] Installed Packages in the Quick Find/Search bar. A link to Installed Packages will generate under Build.

  3. [Click] the Installed Packages link. The Installed Packages page will open.

  4. The Fonteva Event Workflows package will be in the Installed Packages table. [Click] Uninstall in the Action column for the Fonteva Event Workflows package. The Uninstalling a Package page will open.

  5. The Uninstalling a Package page will provide an overview of what uninstalling the package will do and lists all of the Fonteva Event Workflows Package Components

    Below the Package Components list, [Select] to Save a copy of the package’s data for 48 hours or not to.

  6. [Check] Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components.

  7. [Click] Uninstall to uninstall the package.

  8. Follow the directions for installing the package to install your updated package.