As of 18-R1, administrators can make modifications to Event Builder tabs for different kinds of events. They can hide tabs to remove them from an event, change tab icons, and reorder tabs.


You must be an administrator or have the correct permissions to access these options. Contact your system administrator for more information.

To modify your Event Builder Tabs:

  1. [Navigate] to Setup > Custom Metadata Types.
  2. [Click] Manage Records in the Custom Metadata Type table for the Event Builder Tab. A new page will open with all available Event Builder tabs listed in a table.

  3. [Click] the label name of the Tab you want to modify. A new page will open with information for your selected tab.
  4. The following fields will allow you to make modifications to an Event Builder tab.

    Display Order: States the order the tab will display in the Event Builder.

    Icon: Field for the icon displayed in the tab.

    Is Enabled: When checked, the tab will show up in the Event Builder for the event it is associated with.

    Make your modifications to these fields as needed and [Click] Save to apply them.


When editing or modifying an Event Builder tab, you must know the API name for the tab and know which Lightning Component it uses. These are found in the Event Builder Tab Name (API) field and the Lightning Component field on the Event Builder Tab Detail page.