DonorNation, also known as Advance Donations in Product Updates, lets you build custom pages to support donation campaigns, including donations in kind. DonorNation (Advance) works with Fonteva's Charge app to process payments through separate accounts and payment gateways as needed. (Namespace = DonorApi)

Critical Updates

There are no Critical Updates for DonorNation.

Custom Scripts

Register App, Custom Objects, and Routing Rules (DonorApi) - Creates the registered objects and routing rules that are needed for DonorNation to function. If they already exist, it will just set them back to default values.

Create Rollup Summary Fields (DonorApi) - This custom script will create any rollups that are required by DonorApi, such as capacity rollups.

Run Install Scripts (DonorApi) - Runs all of the other custom scripts other than the scheduled jobs as part of the install. This script will be auto-run during install.

Settings Pages

There are no Settings Pages for DonorNation.