After creating your Community Portal, there are some aspects you can customize from the Community Site record. Provided is an overview of fields you may want to configure for your Community Portal record and its associated Store. You will find these fields in the Details sections on your Community Site and Store records.

Customize Community Portal Record:

A wide range of configuration options for your Community exist on your Community Portal record.

To access your Community Portal record:

  1. Navigate to the Community Sites object via the Community Sites tab.

  2. Select your Community Portal record from the table. Your Community Portal's record page will open.

Review the fields below to see the options available to customize your Community.

The fields described in this section are all available under Details on your Community Portal record page. If you are using the 2018-R2 page layout, you will be able to follow along section by section. For information on page layouts, read the Modify Page Layouts page in the System Requirements section.

Click the Edit action to open the Edit Community Site modal and begin customizing your Community.

Captcha Configurations:

Check Enable Captcha to present a captcha confirmation message to users accessing the Create Account and Continue as Guest pages in the portal.

Cookie Prompt:

  1. Check Enable Cookie Prompt to enable a cookie acceptance message to display to users accessing the portal.

  2. Below the Enable Cookie Prompt field is the Cookie Decline Redirect URL field. This field is required if Enable Cookie Prompt is checked. Type a URL to redirect a user to if the Cookie Acceptance Message is declined.

Events Configurations:


To enable different views on the Event Listings page, check Display Large Tile View, Small Tile View, Enhanced List View, or Geo Location View.

You can designate a default view in the Default Event Listing field. Select your default view from the picklist.

Events Filters:

You can create any filter you want for your portal users to search for events in the Event Listing Filters field with with the following fields:

  • Multi-select list

  • Single-select list

  • Number

  • Percentage

  • Date

  • Currency

  • Checkbox

  • Yes/No/All

  • Default to All

This way you can design an experience that best suits your users' needs. You will need to know Event API fields to create filters. Contact your System Admin for help creating Event Listing filters.

  1. Click Edit on the Community Site record.

  2. Scroll down to the Event Listing Filters field in the Events Configuration section.

  3. Type the API fields into the text field as comma separated values.

  4. Check the Enable Event Listing Filter to enable your filters. Otherwise, your filters will not show up.

  5. Click Save. Your filters will be available on the Event Listings page in the Community Portal.

Geo Location Radius Filter Values:

You can also designated filter values for the Radius Filter in the Geo Location Radius Filter Values field:

  1. Locate the Geo Location Radius Filter Values field.

  2. Type the comma separated values into the field you wish to display for the radius filter. (Example: 5, 10, 25, 50,)

  3. Click Save. The values you entered will be available in the Radius Filter on the Event Listings page.

Featured Event Carousel Time:

When an event has the Featured Event checkbox checked, it can show up in the Featured Event Carousel on the Event Listings page.

To mark an event as Featured so it will show up in the Carousel: 

  1. Navigate to the Events object tab and select your desired event. The event's record page will open.

  2. Click Edit. The Event Builder will open.

  3. From the Event Info tab, locate the Event Info Details section.

  4. Check the Featured Event checkbox field.

  5. Click Save and Exit from the top right corner.

You may need to add the Featured Event field to your page layout. Contact your System Admin to edit your page layout.

If the event does not have a banner image, it will not show up under Featured Events on the Events Listing page. The Featured Events Carousel will cycle through all of the banner images automatically. You can define the frequency that the Carousel cycles through the banner images.

  1. Click Edit on your Community Portal record page. The Edit Community Site modal will open.

  2. Locate the Featured Event Carousel Timer field. 

  3. Type the number of seconds you would like to pass between each banner image cycling through the Carousel. By default, this field is set to 18.

  4. Click Save.

Event Sort Fields:

Type comma separated Item field API titles to use as sort options on the Event Listings page.

Event Login Configuration:

The following fields provide options to configure login from the Event Listings page and during event registration.

  • Login Override URL: If desired, you can override the Login button with a URL of your choice. When your users click the Login button in Community Event, they will navigate to the URL you populate in this field.

  • Disable Log In: When checked, only guest registration is available for the event. Users will not be able to log in during the registration flow.

  • Disable Guest Checkout: When checked, only authenticated users will be able to register for the event.

Quick Pay Components: 

You can enable or disable Quick Pay Components for the Orders and Company Orders menu items under the Profile page.

Check Disable Next Upcoming Order Quick Pay, Past Due Quick Pay, or Open Orders Quick Pay to disable the corresponding Quick Pay Component. Disabled Components will be hidden in the Community.

Page Instructions:

Type instructions in the My Info, Address Book, Manage Subscriptions, Payment Method, Badges, Invoices, and Payments Page Instructions fields in the Edit Community Site modal. These instructions will show up on the pages of the same names in the Community.

Customize Store:

There are additional configurations you can apply the Store associated with your Community Portal.

Navigate to the Stores object tab and select the Store record associated with your Community Portal.

Click the Edit action on the Store record page to open the Edit Store modal and begin modifying the below fields.

Resolve Security Flaw

Due to a security flaw, Contacts can access other Contacts' saved credit cards without logging in to the Community Portal when the Contact Match Rule is leveraged. We recommend navigating to Spark > Apps > eBusiness User/Profile Preferences and check Disable Save Payment Method Option. This will prevent unauthenticated users from accessing credit cards.


Enable Partial Payments for Invoices:

Check Enable Partial Payments for Invoices if you would like portal users to be able to define a partial payment for each Sales Order Line on an Invoice-type Sales Order.

Designate Invoice or Proforma Payment Options:

Admins can configure field sets to display on Checkout for the Invoice Me option. This allows users to provide ore information than a Customer Reference Number for Invoices or an email address for Proforma Invoices. Fields can be designated as required or optional.

Type the API name of the field set you want to apply in the Invoice or Proforma Payment Option Field set field depending on whether you have enabled the Invoice or Proforma Payment Option.

Field sets can only be configured in Salesforce Classic as detailed in Creating a Field Set. You will also need to have an understanding of API to apply a field set. Contact your System Administrator for assistance.

You can define multiple email fields to match against when defining Contact Matching criteria. The system will match the Contacts with OR conditions and will validate to make sure the fields exist on the Contact. Type the email fields as comma separated values in the Additional Contact Match Email(s) field.Contact Matching - Multiple Email Fields:

Community Listing Configurations:

Check Enable Small Tile, Large Tile, and Enhanced List View to enable these views in the Store.

eStore Sort Fields:

Type comma separated Item field API titles to use as sort options in the Store.

Tax Inclusive Pricing:

To enable Tax Inclusive Pricing, read the Tax Inclusive Pricing article.

Adding Events:

Your events will not show up in your new Community until you add them through the Community Settings Tab in the Event Builder. Please read this page on using the Community Settings Tab.