Critical Updates are optional features in each package of Fonteva’s product suite. They appear as notifications in the Apps section of Spark Framework once a user has upgraded to a new package. These updates are not installed by default because users may not wish to use them or they may cause issues with some customizations. 

Always test updates in a sandbox environment before installing in a production environment.

A Critical Update CANNOT be deactivated once it is activated in an environment. Because of this, it is important that you check with Fonteva’s Customer Success team before activating any Critical Updates. For more information regarding Fonteva packages, refer to the relevant app pages.

Understanding Critical Updates

If there are Critical Updates available for an App, there will be an Alert Badge displayed next the the Apps menu in the left nav. Once the Apps menu is expanded, a Count Badge will display next to any App that has a Critical Update available.


The Critical Updates Table on the App's page provides the Name, Description, Status and Action for each Critical Update listed. New Critical Updates display in bold, the Status column will be blank, and the Action column will display a Down Arrow. The Action menu includes two options: Activate or Dismiss for the new critical update.

 There are 4 possible Statuses:

  1. New, with an auto-activation date

  2. New, with no auto-activation date

  3. Active. When an update is Active, there are no further actions available.

  4. Dismissed

How to Activate a Critical Update:

Always test updates in a sandbox environment before installing in a production environment.

  1. Click the App with the Count Badge. This opens the Apps page. 

  2. From the App's page, in the Critical Updates section, you'll see a list of all the Critical Updates displayed with their respective Status in the table. New Critical Updates will appear in bold and the Status column will be blank. See the example screenshot below.

  3. From the Action column, click the down arrow icon and select Activate from the menu. The Action menu includes two options: Activate or Dismiss.

  4. After activating the Critical Update, the Status will change to Active. The alerts will remain visible until the user either Activates or Dismisses the update.