To support GDPR requirements, customers can now display a modal to Portal users ensuring they accept the use of cookies on the site. They can customize this message and designate a redirect URL for users that reply "No" to accepting cookie usage. Known users that reply with a positive response will have their response recorded so the modal will not appear for them.

To enable the Cookie Acceptance Message:

  1. Navigate to Sites in the Community app.
  2. Select the Site you want to add the Cookie Acceptance Message to.
  3. The Site record will open. The Enable Cookie Prompt field is located in the Site Details section at the top of the record page. Check Enable Cookie Prompt to enable the message.

  4. Below the Enable Cookie Prompt field is the Cookie Decline Redirect URL field. This field is required if Enable Cookie Prompt is checked. Enter a URL to redirect a user to if the Cookie Acceptance Message is declined.