Salesforce Chatter Groups come built-in with Fonteva out of the box on the Community Portal, but if you want to utilize your own template, you will need to configure Salesforce Chatter Groups as follows:

  1. Navigate to Setup and type All Communities in the Quick Find search bar. 

  2. Click on All Communities.

  3. Click the Builder link next to the desired community.

  4. From the Builder, select the Pages dropdown menu.

  5. Select Group Detail from the dropdown menu.

  6. Select the ... button from Group Detail to open Page Properties.

  7. Click Page Variations from Page Properties.

  8. Click + New Page Variation. The New Page Variation modal will open.

  9. Select the Group Detail page and click Next.

  10. Type a name for this page variation, i.e. FontevaGroupDetail.

  11. Click Create.

  12. Click Properties in Page Properties.

  13. Locate the Layout section and click Change. The Change Content Layout modal will open.

  14. Select the page variation with 2 columns and a 2:1 ratio.

  15. Click Change to change the layout.

  16. On FontevaGroupDetail, click the trash can icon on the existing Group Component that's part of the page variation.

  17. A confirmation message will appear. Click Delete.

  18. Click on the lightning bolt button in the upper left-hand corner to open Components. A list of available components will open.

  19. Drag and drop the following components in the manner its listed below into the Content Section of the page.

    1. Group Banner

    2. Feed Publisher

    3. Feed

  20. Drag and drop the following components in the manner its listed below into the SideBar Section of the page. 

    1. Group Detail

    2. Manage Members Section

    3. Files List

    4. Fonteva Events for Groups

The Group Banner, Feed Publisher, Feed,Manage Members Section, and Files List components are Salesforce Components. They do not require any additional configuration to work, but you are welcome to do so if desired. Please refer to the Salesforce documentation linked below if you decide to further configure these components: