Charge brings the power of eCommerce and full revenue accounting to Salesforce in one complete package. It allows you to handle all your back-office needs, manage accounts and contracts for multiple internal business units, and build an eStore to publish and sell courses, memberships, and merchandise. (Namespace = OrderApi)

Critical Updates

  • Enable known addresses portal checkout: Enables the Known Addresses feature in the portal.

  • Enable Invoice Line Payments: Enables the Line Item Receivables feature, allowing users to make payments against individual invoice lines.

  • Enables Discounts during checkout: Enables discount codes to be used in checkout.

  • Enables Badge Flow Down: Enables ability to assign a Badge to a Parent Account and allow Child Accounts and their related Contacts to receive the benefits of the Badge.

  • Disables preferred email and phone: Prevents the system from populating a default preferred Phone and Email Type.

  • Enable custom fields on Invoice and Receipts: Enables users to add custom fields to Invoices and Receipts through custom field sets.

Custom Scripts

Users can navigate to the Custom Scripts section to run schedule jobs, reset settings, and install scripts in order to reset configurations. Please check with the Implementation team prior to running Custom Scripts.

Setup and Installation Scripts:

These are configuration scripts and scripts required for the Fonteva Order Management App.



Setup Exemption Records

Creates a default account and contact record to use when no other valid account or contact can be found in the system for any given operation.

Register App, Custom Objects, and Routing Rules

Creates the configurations required for the Fonteva Order Management app to operate with the Fonteva Framework.

Delete All Configurations

Deletes all Fonteva Order Management configurations.


The Delete all Configurations script will delete all Business Groups and GL Accounts, in addition to custom configurations.

Create Rollup Summary Fields

Creates the required rollup summary field configurations for the Fonteva Order Management app.

Run Install Scripts

Runs all installation scripts for Fonteva Order Management.

Delete All Data

Deletes all data from Fonteva OTC (Order Management)-related Custom Objects, including Accounts and Contacts.


The Delete All Data script will delete all data for the objects within

One-Time Scripts:

These scripts run one time and are not required to be scheduled and run daily.



Flow Down Badge Batchable

Runs the scheduled job to update Flow Down Badges on Contacts.

Known Address Creation Batchable

Runs a scheduled job to create Known Addresses for Contacts with empty Known Address List.

Update Tax Inclusive Price Batchable

Runs scheduled job to update the tax inclusive price on Price Rules.

Update Tax Fields Batchable

Runs scheduled job to update the tax fields on parent Sales Order Lines and Invoice Lines.

Scheduled Jobs:

More information on the Badge Batchable Scheduler job is available on the Scheduled Jobs page.


As of the Fonteva 20 Spring release, the Subscription Batchable job has been split into two jobs (Run Subscription Batchable Job and Inactive Subscription Batchable Job) and moved to Fonteva Services App . You will receive an error message if you attempt to run the original job.

Additional Scheduled Jobs

To run the Schedule Payment Charge Batchable, Current Term Batchable, Current Inactive Term Batchable, and Past Term Batchable Jobs, please visit the Fonteva Services App. Attempting to run any of these jobs from the Charge app will result in an error in versions 19-R1 and higher.



Badge Batchable Scheduler

Runs the scheduled job to process badges

Settings Pages:

Charge contains the following Settings pages: