Support for IE11 Ending December 31, 2020:

Salesforce will be ceasing support for Internet Explorer 11 for Lightning Experience and Lightning Communities on December 31, 2020. Fonteva will no longer offer limited support for IE11 as of December 31, 2020. As of that date, Community Portals will no longer support IE11. Please inform your Community Portal users so they can move to a supported browser before December 31 2020. You can learn about the browsers supported by Salesforce here.

Fonteva follows the Salesforce browser policy as stated on their website with the exception of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).  Given the known issues with Lightning on IE11, Fonteva is limiting support for IE11.

Please be aware that certain extensibility features (Spark Plugs) will not function in IE 11 because they rely on browser capabilities that are not available.

Staff Users

IE11 is no longer supported for staff users.

Community Portal Users

Fonteva will support Community Portal users using IE11.  If a Community Portal user reports an issue, please submit a case to Fonteva Customer Support.  Please note that Salesforce has documented known performance issues using Lightening Experience on IE11.  In order to optimize a Community Portal user's experience, Fonteva recommends urging your Community Portal users to move to one of the supported browsers identified on the Salesforce website.  

Details regarding Salesforce Browser recommendations can be found via the link provided below.  

 Salesforce Browser Support Link:

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox - Most recent stable version; Tracking Protection must be disabled in order for certain custom pages on MemberNation to properly format.

  • Internet Explorer - Version 10 and up

  • Safari - Version 5 and up

  • Chrome - Most recent stable version

  • Opera - Most recent stable version

  • Edge - Most recent stable version