Assemble enables you to create Events that range from simple to complex events, free and paid events, events with sponsors, vendors, multiple venues and more all within Salesforce. (Namespace = EventApi)

Critical Updates

Enable String Date Time Fields: Converts the DateTime fields on the Event and Schedule  Item objects into two fields. One field will be the Date (such as start date/end date). The second field will be the time field. This will be a text field that requires 09:00 or 9:00 AM|PM format. This critical update resolves issues that DateTime fields were causing when event timezones were changed or when the user that viewed the event was in a different timezone.

Custom Scripts

Register App, Custom Objects, and Routing Rules (EventApi) - Creates the registered objects and routing rules that are needed for Events to function. If they already exist it will just set them back to default values.

Create Rollup Summary Fields (EventApi) - Creates any rollups that are required by Eventapi, such as capacity rollups.

Run Install Scripts (EventApi) - Runs all of the other custom scripts aside from the scheduled jobs as part of the install. This script needs to be run when the package is installed.

Run Metadata Scripts - This custom script is deprecated and does not need to be run.

Run Scheduled Jobs - Runs the job that will auto-transition Event Statuses based on the status transition criteria for Lightning Events only.

Settings Pages

There are no Settings Pages for Assemble.