Locating Field References In Fonteva Reports:

Fonteva Reports is a managed package, so users cannot remove and update the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field in the same way they did for custom Report Types. Instead, the managed package will need to be updated through the 21Winter release. Updating to 21Winter will remove the EventApi__Event__c field from Report Types in the package and replace it with the new EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field.

Prior to updating to 21Winter, users should review Reports using the following Report Types from the Fonteva Reports managed package:

  • FON Attendees

  • FON Attendees with Registration Items

  • FON Form Responses

Take note of these Reports in a separate list you can reference later after updating to 21Winter.

Locate Fonteva Reports:

  1. Navigate to the Reports object.

  2. Select All Reports in the sidebar under Reports to view all of your Reports.

  3. Open a Report in a new tab by right-clicking the Report Name.

  4. Click Edit to open the Report editor.

  5. Look to the right of the title. The Report Type will display there. Make sure it is one of the following:

    1. FON Attendees

    2. FON Attendees with Registration Items

    3. FON Form Responses

  6. Take note of any uses of the EventApi__Event__c field on the Report. It will show up as Deprecated. Look in the Columns, Group Columns, and Group Rows sections.

Take note of all Reports using the deprecated field.

Update to 21Winter:

After you’ve taken note of Reports using the mentioned Report Types, your next steps are updating to 21Winter and updating to the 21Winter Reports Package. Updating to the 21Winter Reports Package will delete the EventApi__Event__c Master-Detail relationship field from the FON Attendees, FON Attendees with Registration Items, and FON Form Responses Report Types. This will affect the existing Reports you took note of before. You will need to recreate the Reports using the deprecated field with the new EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field.

Directions on performing this step will be available in the Update Checklist in the 21Winter Release Notes.