On the final page of the 21Winter Pre-Update Guide, you were instructed to take note of all Reports in your org using one of three Reports Types (FON Attendees, FON Attendees with Registration Items, FON Form Responses) from the Fonteva Reports managed package. This is because users cannot manually remove and update the deprecated Event Master-Detail field (EventApi__Event__c) on Report Types in that package.

Updating to the 21Winter Reports Package will remove the EventApi__Event__c field from Report Types in the Fonteva Reports managed package. You will then need to recreate all of the Reports you took note of previously.

Update To 21Winter Reports Package

After updating your org to 21Winter, update your Fonteva Reports Package to 21Winter as well.

  1. Go to Spark Admin and select Product Updates. The Product Updates page will open.

  2. On Product Updates, locate MemberNation reports. Select Upgrade to 21Winter.1.

The Fonteva Reports Package will update. You will receive an email when it’s finished updating.

Recreate Reports

After the Fonteva Reports Package had updated to 21Winter.1, you can begin recreating the Reports you located at the end of the 21Winter Pre-Update steps. Updating your Reports Package to 21Winter.1 will remove the deprecated field from the managed Report Types and subsequently your associated Reports. You need to recreate the Reports you noted previously using the new EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field.

Next Steps:

When you recreated your Reports using the new EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field, it’s time to delete the field from the Attendee object. These steps are available here.