The Master-Detail relationship between the Attendee and Event objects prevents the Attendee object from being added to Sharing Sets. Fonteva is resolving this issue by deprecating the Master-Detail field in 21Winter and replacing it with a lookup relationship.

This deprecated field, EventApi__Event__c, needs to be deleted from the Attendee object. However, this field cannot be deleted if it is used in customizations in your org. You will first need to locate all instances where the EventApi__Event__c field is used, remove them, and replace the deprecated field with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field before you can successfully delete the EventApi__Event__c field from the Attendee object.

Fonteva has already mapped out which areas of your org may have customizations with the EventApi__Event__c field in use so there’s no guesswork or uncertainty on your end. Follow the steps below to review your customizations for the EventApi__Event__c field. The next page in this guide will guide you through reviewing and resolving your reports.

Please read these steps in their entirety before completing them.

Locating Field References In Customizations:

Fonteva has identified the following areas in your org where the EventApi__Event__c field may be in use:

  • Rollup Summary Fields

  • Custom Triggers

  • Custom Buttons, Links, Or Actions

  • Custom Workflows

  • Custom Process Builders

  • Custom Flows

  • Custom Fields

  • Integrations

You’ll need to investigate each of these areas to remove the EventApi__Event__c field. These customizations are located in one of three areas (not including Integrations):

  • Spark Admin

  • The Attendee Object in Object Manager

  • Setup

Narrow Down Your Investigation:

You can easily narrow down where to investigate in your org using the Where is this used? button located on the field’s Custom Field page.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Attendee and click Fields & Relationships on the left-hand menu.

  2. Locate the EventApi__Event__c field. It will display as DEPRECATED in the Field Label column, but you can identify it by its Field Name (EventApi__Event__c ). Click the Field Label to open the Custom Field page.

  3. At the top of the Custom Field page, click the Where is this used? button. A page will open with a table of Field References. These are all the locations in your org where this field is referenced.

  4. Look in the Reference Type column. This will show what kind of customization the field is currently used in. The Reference Label column will show exactly which customization in your org is using the field. Nearly all values in the Reference Label column are links that can take you directly to the customization you need to analyze.

After you locate the EventApi__Event__c field in your customizations, you will need to replace it with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field. You may need to delete, edit, or replace customizations to remove the EventApi__Event__c field and replace it with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field. Please take your time working through these steps to determine how these changes will affect your org. We recommend reviewing these customizations with the individual(s) who created them.

The Field References table will not display any Custom Workflows, Routing Rules, or Rollup Summary Fields. Please follow the directions in the sections below to review these areas manually for references to the EventApi__Event__c field. It’s also still good practice to review the other areas manually on the off chance a reference failed to display.

Again, we encourage you to read these steps before you proceed with them. Please take your time to fully understand how these changes might affect your org and plan accordingly. Fonteva Customer Support is always available to help if you find anything confusing.

Please do not access Reports or Report Types listed as Reference Types at this juncture. These will be handled in the next step, Resolving Report References.

One way to make the search a little easier is to utilize the Find shortcut on your keyboard. Press Command + F if you use a Mac, and Control + F if you use Windows. Type EventApi__Event__c in the search box that opens to search the text on a given page for the field. This should help you get some fast results.

Resolving References in Spark Admin:

We’re starting with updating the deprecated field to Rollup Summary Fields located in Spark Admin. The directions below will guide you through updating the field in each of these areas.

Rollup Summary Fields:

References to Rollup summary Fields do not show up in the Field References Table, so you need to investigate them manually to locate any use of the EventApi__Event__c field.

  1. From Routing Rules, select Extend in the left-hand navigation bar. Click to open Rollup Summary Fields.

  2. The table on this page displays your Rollup Summary Fields. Read through this table and locate any Rollup Summary that uses the EventApi__Event__c object. This will be located in parentheses in the Name column.

  3. Click Edit under Actions. The Edit Rollup Summary window will open.

  4. Check the Relationship Field. If it is using the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field, replace it with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field.

  5. Click Save to apply changes. Repeat these steps for all applicable Rollup Summaries.


If you have any third party integrations that utilize the Attendee object and the EventApi__Event__c field, you will need to update the integration to use the new lookup field EventApi__Attendee_Event__c. Third-party integrations are outside of Fonteva’s purview, so we cannot show you how to check for or resolve any references to the field in your unique integration. Please review any third-party integrations you have with the staff who use them or developed them if possible to quickly locate the field and replace it. Also please call on Fonteva Customer Support if you feel like you need additional assistance.

Next Steps

You have resolved references to the EventAi__Event__c field in your customizations in Spark Admin and your third-party integrations. Next, you will resolve customizations located in the Attendee object via the Object Manager. Navigate here to begin.