After resolving references to the Master-Detail relationship in your customizations, it’s time to look at your Reports and Report Types. Resolving report references with custom report types will be completed in four steps:

Report Types must first have the new EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field added before this field can be added to your Reports. Only after the new field is added to your Reports can the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field be successfully removed from your Report Types without damage to your existing Reports.

In addition, custom Report Types and Reports must be handled first. Report Types from the Fonteva Reports managed package and their subsequent Reports will follow a different set of directions handled on the next page.

Please follow these directions in the order they are presented to get successful results.

Next Steps

Start with Step 1: Identify All Custom Report Types. Please read through these pages in their entirety before performing the steps so you have a complete understanding and can prepare accordingly.